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Coronavirus curfew: Clashes between police and protesters for the third consecutive day in the Netherlands

Coronavirus curfew: Violence, ruckus, arson, protests and protests continued in the Netherlands for the third consecutive day on the Corona virus curfew. The government has refused to bow down to the miscreants. In the lockdown, the protesters marched against the strict night curfew on the streets of Jaylin city. During this, violent clashes took place between the police and the protesters. Earlier in the weekend, the protesters attacked the police.

Skirmishes with protesters and police in the Netherlands

The curfew was imposed after the National Institute for Health warned of a new wave of infection caused by the ‘British variant’ of the corona virus as 4 thousand 129 new cases of infection were registered on Monday. Finance Minister Vopke Hoetra said that the miscreants are not legitimate protestors. Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the violence unacceptable as miscreants created uproar across the city on Monday.

There is a protest against the strict night curfew for three consecutive days

Cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam also came under the grip of riots. Police witnessed confrontation with miscreants. The protesters managed to break the windows of the shops, despite the police leaving a splash of water. The riot spread to many cities. It has been reported in the reports that the police released water splashes and tear gas shells during the demonstrations in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and other cities.

The Dutch government imposed curfew in the Netherlands for the first time since World War II. This curfew is effective from late Saturday night. The curfew time is from 9 am to 4.30 am and is expected to continue till 10 February. So far more than 13 thousand 500 deaths have occurred due to Corona virus infection in the country and about 10 lakh cases of infection have been registered. The mayors of many cities have committed that emergency measures will be taken to prevent violence.

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