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Coronavirus, containment: how parents support their children

“I let him go to sleep with friends at night”

Sylvain, 43, father of three children

“This period is very complicated for my eldest son, in terminal. He must pass his baccalaureate at the end of the year but he already knows that the specialty tests will be done in continuous assessment. As his grades are average, he has trouble motivating himself, this was a source of tension between us. I had to learn to let go of ballast, including on the exits. The curfew is hard on young people his age: they can no longer go out, it was something important to them. Suddenly, he asks to stay and sleep with friends. I do not know if it is very compatible with the respect of the sanitary rules but we let it be. I think that is the only solution so that it does not explode. “

“We go out to the park as soon as we can”

Laura, 37, mother of two

“I find that my 8 year old son is very withdrawn. He has developed very homey habits. Before, he had activities on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. He did judo and took drawing lessons. Since then, I have had a hard time convincing him to come back to all this, to leave his room.

He no longer wants to go to the recreation center during the holidays. He prefers to stay and play at home. It’s as if his universe has shrunk. In a way, maybe he needed this sort of break and was doing too many things before. However, I also fear that he becomes very shy around the other children. Also, we go to the park as soon as we can. On the play areas, he can meet other children of his age and let off steam. I regularly invite one of his friends over to the house to try to create a bond around him. “

“We encourage him to think”

Paula, 50, mother of two

“In our family, we are more of the talkative type. We have always talked a lot with our children, but not enough about current events. With the health crisis, it became very present at dinner, and the television news entered our lives. My son, who is in college, in particular, took an interest in it and we saw that he had matured.

He discovers the complexity of the world: the logistics of vaccines, anti-masks, the speeches of the President of the Republic, nothing escapes him. He’s going to look for videos. We try to feed this curiosity and encourage it to think. He wouldn’t put it that way, but I think he’s forging a political conscience and thinking a lot more than before. “


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