Coronavirus: containment costs less money

Almost-all of the 50 employees of Biotech Dental were on short-time work last April, but on Tuesday, November 10, everyone is working. As dentists are not closed, the company’s order book is full, to the delight of employees. As more companies are working, the cost of this second containment is less onerous for the economy. Activity is down 12% in November, against 31% during the first containment.

All sectors are not in the same boat. Restaurant owners, hoteliers and even small businesses which lost 46% of their activity last April are still suffering with an estimated loss of 40% this month. Industry, on the other hand, is improving, dropping from a 44% drop in activity to 7%. Many companies now have the raw material they need in China. The cost of confinement is mainly linked to its duration: if it were to continue, the losses could increase further.

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