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Coronavirus: Confirmation of infection in the President of France, many European giants went into self isolation

A few hours after French President Emmanuel Macron found Kovid-19 positive, many European leaders went into self-isolation. Among those involved in self-isolation were Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain, Antanio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal. In addition, the French President and top officials also announced to go into self-isolation. French Prime Minister Jean Castreux also announced to be in self-isolation due to his contact with Macron.

Many giants in self-isolation after infection with macros

Macron postponed a visit to Lebanon after the corona infection was confirmed. The French President attended the EU summit held in Brussels last week and went to the Paris Conference organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Significantly, the case of corona virus infection came to light in Macron when the curfew has been implemented in France from 8 pm and restaurants, cafes, theaters and cinema have been closed to prevent infection.

WHO warns of emergence in cases after Christmas

Europe has once again become the center of corona virus infection. On Wednesday, 17 thousand new cases of corona virus infection were reported in France. Due to infection, 59 thousand 300 people have been killed. In the last seven days, 2 thousand 7 hundred 13 people have lost their lives in France. This figure of the dead is the highest in Europe. The World Health Organization has issued a warning on Wednesday amid a surge in infection cases. He has said that after Christmas, the corona virus may be seen again in 2021.

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