Coronavirus: are companies playing the telecommuting game?

AT La Défense, the business district of Paris, since confinement, there are clearly fewer people than usual, but 100% teleworking for those who can, we are not there yet. “In fact, this is not the case“, assures an employee.”It is a decision of each company, as an employee, we do not necessarily have the choice “, confides another. “I was told to stay on site because in work-study you have to learn “, testifies a young woman.

A man recounts what his management told him: “Everyone comes to the office so you come “. A young employee adds: “I was absolutely not asked for my opinion. I was told just said: ‘nothing changes! You come as every day on the site. I am afraid to issue an opinion contrary to the orders given, because I am afraid of being fired “.

For lawyer Sabrina Kemel, there is no obligation: “We have no law. Teleworking is not compulsory. It is highly recommended“However, if a business owner puts his employees at risk in the office, he risks administrative closure of the premises.

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