Coronavirus: A Prince in New York 2 will be released directly on Amazon

Coronavirus obliges, films, and even blockbusters, no longer come out in theaters but on digital platforms. The long-awaited sequel to the cult A prince in New York, which had done a lot for Eddie Murphy’s glory in 1988, will finally be available direct on Amazon on December 18. And according to the site Deadline , this exclusivity would have had a pharaonic cost of around $ 125 million, negotiated with Paramount.

This decision, which is not exceptional since for a few months now giant platforms like Netflix or YouTube have been offering film releases, is obviously the consequence of the desertion of theaters caused by the resurgence of Covid-19. For example, dating successes announced as Trolls, Mulan or Soul have already made the choice of streaming.

Prince Akeem twenty years later …

Twenty-two years, therefore, have passed since the triumph ofA prince in New York (Coming to America), and a bit like Three musketeers and Viscount of Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas, Eddie Murphy aka the irresistible Prince Akeem returns for this sequel to New York to meet the hidden son whose existence he has only just suspected …

The title in American, Coming 2 America, contains a play on words that is difficult to translate into the language of Molière. There is no doubt, however, that Amazon, which has just achieved a formidable marketing stunt, will find an idea. Why not, Twenty years later

While waiting to present the first trailer, below, of the sequel toA prince in New York, watch the trailer of the film that with Beverly Hills Cop (1984) wrote the fame of Eddie Murphy.

A prince in New York (Coming to America ) by John Landis, in 1988, with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones …


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