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Coronavirus: 2.90 lakh new cases reported in US in 24 hours, more than 3 thousand deaths

Coronavirus: The havoc of the corona virus continues to grow very rapidly. The highest outbreak of corona infection has been seen in America. At present, America is the most affected by Corona worldwide. At the same time, during the last 24 hours, more than 2 lakh 90 thousand corona infection cases have been reported here.

2.90 lakh new cases surfaced

According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, the United States has set a new record for coronovirus cases. This time in the last 24 hours, 2 lakh 90 thousand cases of corona infection have been reported. In the case of death due to corona infection, America is also at the first place. So far, more than 3 lakh people have died due to corona infection.

More than 3 thousand died

A report by the University of Baltimore-based states that the past was very difficult for America. During this period, there were 3 thousand 676 deaths due to Corona epidemic. A day before this, a record of nearly 4,000 deaths was made in 24 hours in America. Corona infection is spreading very rapidly in America. Currently there are more than 8 lakh corona active cases in the US.

More than 20 million infected

America is known as the world’s largest economy. At the same time, since the onset of corona infection, more than 2 crore 24 lakh 56 thousand corona infections have been reported here. Out of which more than 3 lakh 78 thousand people have lost their lives. So far, treatment of one crore 32 lakh 59 thousand people has been successful in America. At the same time, more than 88 lakh 18 thousand corona active infected are being treated.

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