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Corona virus vaccine may be available in Australia by the third quarter of 2021

Melbourne Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Friday that a potential vaccine for Kovid-19, being developed by the University of Queensland, may be available to Australians by the third quarter of 2021. He said that the process of vaccine development is going on ahead of schedule and “that is effective”.

Hunt said that the vaccine has the potential to produce antibodies that neutralize the virus and is effective on older people. The minister said in a press conference, “This (vaccine) is effective on the elderly and it is especially important because the elderly are more likely to suffer from Kovid-19.”

Biotechnology company CSL has completed vaccine production so that Phase III trials can begin. Hunt said, “This is an extraordinary achievement. This means that the vaccine will be available to the people of Australia in the beginning of the third quarter of 2021 after the trial. “

He said, “Our goal is to make the vaccine available to all people in Australia by the end of 2021.” CSL Limited has signed an agreement with the Government of Australia under which more than five crore doses of the vaccine will be supplied after the vaccine is certified to be effective.

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