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Corona virus knocking once again in China, more than 3400 new cases came

Once again the risk of corona virus infection has increased in China. The National Health Commission has given this information that, more than 3,400 new cases have been reported. Apart from this, 20,700 such cases were also detected in which patients did not show any symptoms of Kovid. Most of the cases of infection came from Shanghai where, for the last two weeks, the lockdown has been going on to control the spread of the epidemic. At the same time, there is increasing dissatisfaction among the local people about the supply of food and health services.

The National Health Commission gave this information, the Civil Health Commission said on Friday that 3,200 cases of locally spread Kovid-19 and 19,872 without symptoms were confirmed on Thursday in Shanghai, China’s economic center. Several rounds of tests have already been conducted in the city to check for corona virus infection. Also, temporary hospitals have been made for the treatment of the infected. The National Health Commission also said that 28,778 close people of corona infected patients were freed from health surveillance in the last 24 hours.

Significantly, in 2019, the first case of corona virus infection was reported from Wuhan, China, later the corona virus infection took the form of a global pandemic. Now once again this corona is growing so fast in the same area, when the rest of the world has almost controlled the corona virus.

The situation in Shanghai is starting to get so bad-
According to a report published in the state’s Global Times on Friday, the city of Shanghai is going through its toughest time against the omicron form of corona virus infection. Doubt, anxiety and fatigue are noticeable among local residents. Any heart breaking story can arouse public anger. The report also said that a tsunami of public outrage has hit the Internet.

Most elderly population affected in Shanghai
Millions of people in Shanghai are struggling with food shortages, delays in segregating their neighbors and everyday problems, with the epidemic affecting Shanghai’s most elderly population. Shanghai is one of the cities in China with the largest population of elderly people. During the indefinite lockdown, this group has also been affected more because most of the people are also suffering from age-related chronic diseases. Simultaneously, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his visit to Hainan province on Thursday, said, “Given that the situation of the global Kovid-19 epidemic is still serious, we should never loose our response, because the victory.” Comes strongly.”

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