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Corona Virus: Corona panic in South Korea, patients increased, investigation will be increased

Seoul: The havoc of the corona virus is not yet over. Corona infected patients are being confirmed everyday in the world. Meanwhile, in South Korea, the highest number of cases have been reported so far within one day of Corona virus infection on Christmas day. Due to increasing cases, the burden on hospitals is increasing and the number of dead has also increased.

South Korea’s Prime Minister Chung Seo Kyun has asked the authorities to take necessary steps in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 and has asked people to be vigilant. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said that the number of infected people has increased to 54,770 with 1,241 new cases of infection in the country. In the last 24 hours, the death toll has risen to 773 with the death of 17 more patients.

Cases from areas from the capital

The Corona virus has caused outrage in South Korea. At the same time, more than 870 cases of corona infection have come from areas with capital of the country. The number of investigations in the country is being increased. More than 1,18,000 samples were tested the day before. With this, some more restrictions are being considered in the coming days.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s Prime Minister Chung Seo Kyun said during a meeting on the situation caused by the corona virus, “The last week of the year, starting with Christmas, is the time when people leave their homes and express their affinity for each other.” But this year it is difficult to see this in any part of the world.

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