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Corona virus cases are increasing again in China, restrictions imposed

Covid-19 China: China, which allegedly spread the corona virus in the world, is once again in the grip of this virus. Corona cases are increasing in many provinces of China. It is being told that many new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in Gansu province of northwestern China, popular among tourists, after which all tourist places here were closed on Monday. Several guide lines were also issued for the tourists. Also, utmost care is being taken.

Gansu province is special for tourists

There is often a gathering of tourists in Gansu province of China. Tourists come here to visit with great interest. Gansu province is located on the Silk Road of ancient times and is known for its caves and other shrines with paintings related to Buddhism. China’s National Health Commission said that in the last 24 hours, 35 new cases of local spread of infection have been reported, out of which four cases are from Gansu province.

Winter Olympics in Beijing in February

There have been 19 cases of infection in the Inner Mongolia region, after which people here have been ordered to stay indoors. The outbreak of the delta form of the corona virus caused by travelers and tourist groups is a matter of concern ahead of the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing in February. Audiences from other countries have already been banned in this event.

However, the Chinese government has become suspicious about the increasing case of Corona. Special precautions are being taken in other cities including Beijing. The government has increased the scope of investigation, as well as hotel booking and movement of people from other countries are being monitored.

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