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Corona: Vaccination to start in Israel from December 27, Netanyahu said – I want to get the first vaccine

Abu Dhabi: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the vaccination of people in his country to prevent corona virus infection will begin on December 27. With this, Israel will become one of the earliest countries in the world to start a vaccination campaign for its citizens.

Netanyahu’s statement came after the United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday that China’s vaccine was tested in Shekhadom Federation to prevent Kovid-19 and was 86 percent effective. The Emirates statement did not provide much information, but it was publicly stated for the first time that the drug was effective.

Earlier on Wednesday, Netanyahu expressed happiness over the first consignment of Pfizer vaccine and described it as a “celebration day” for the country. He said, “I believe in this vaccine.” I hope that it will get proper approval in the coming days. “

He said that the mass vaccination campaign will start from December 27, in which 60,000 people will be vaccinated in one day. He described such a number of vaccines as ‘sufficient’ in this country with a population of 90 lakhs.

People who get vaccinated will be given special cards or apps for phones, so that they can roam freely and encourage the economy to reopen and others to be vaccinated. Netanyahu said, “We are going to end the virus.”


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