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Corona vaccination: South Africa prohibits use of J&J Kovid-19 vaccine

Johannesburg After America, now South Africa has also decided to stop using the Johnson & Johnson Kovid-19 vaccine. There were reports that blood clots had accumulated in the bodies of six women who were vaccinated by the company and the platelets fell as well. “After finding out this consultation, I had immediate discussions with our scientists who advised that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision should not be taken lightly,” Health Minister Jweli Mije said in a statement on Tuesday evening. Can be taken.

He said, “On his advice, we have decided to stop using this vaccine until blood clotting occurs and the relationship between the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is discovered.”

Mije said that there has been no news of blood clots in South Africa after being vaccinated, while 289,787 health care workers have received this vaccine. All cases of blood clotting have come in America.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, 1,561,559 people have been infected with Kovid-19 in South Africa and 53,498 people have died.

The use of a single dose Johnson & Jonson vaccine has been banned in the US. The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said in a joint statement that the use of this vaccine poses some serious dangers. He said that after being given this single dose vaccine, six women of America had a problem of blood clot (blood clotting).

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