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Corona is fatal for the brain, it also affects memory, know what else affects

Corona virus caught millions of people around the world and millions of people died due to this epidemic prematurely. However, the health-related things that are coming out about the corona are disturbing. In the new study, it has been found that this deadly virus can damage the brain.

Due to corona, the problem of inflammation can arise along with damage to the blood vessels in the brain of its victim. Research has shown how this epidemic affects the brain of a corona virus victim.

Researchers at the US National Institutes of Health noticed this in their study and studied the brain tissue samples of patients suffering from corona. However, there was no indication from tissue samples that the corona virus caused direct brain damage. The results of this study have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“We found that blood vessels in the coronas affected by coronas can cause damage to the brain,” said Avindra Nath, clinical director of the National Institutes of Health’s National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It is evident from our results that this can happen due to the inflammatory response of the body to the virus.

Significantly, in a previous study it was claimed that this virus of corona can also enter the brain. This can affect thinking, learning and memory abilities. It has been revealed from earlier studies that due to corona, the problem of blood clotting i.e. blood clot can arise in the victims.

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