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Corona infection spreading again in China, strictness increased in Beijing

Coronavirus in China: In order to control the increasing cases of Kovid-19 in the Chinese capital Beijing, the administration on Monday tightened the rules and went on a trip to other parts of the country and asked to cancel the return trip if the cases of infection increased there. Is. Along with this, concern has also arisen over the effectiveness of China’s ‘zero Kovid’ policy.

Appeal to people who have traveled to stay in self isolation

Beijing’s health commission said people who went out of the city should cancel their return trip if there were confirmed cases of Kovid-19 during their stay at the place they visited. The commission said that ‘those who have already returned to Beijing before travel, they should immediately inform the local community, hotel and company about their travel and go into self-isolation.’

The city government told residents not to leave the city unless necessary as 16 municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions have seen a spike in infection cases. Health officials themselves are verifying their travel information by visiting the homes of those people. There were 20 cases in Beijing last month and officials said on Sunday that there was no new case of infection at the local level.

Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing next year

Beijing’s local government is believed to be taking this step due to a meeting of the ruling Communist Party of China’s (CPC) higher decision-making body between November 8 and 11, which is expected to be attended by about 370 officials. The meeting is taking place ahead of next year’s party convention for leadership change. Beijing is also going to host the Winter Olympic Games in February next year.

The Health Commission said that if you have fever, cough and other symptoms, please do not eat food together and do not participate in the ceremony. Go to clinics and hospitals as soon as possible, do not self-medicate, do not delay the opportunity for treatment.

Meanwhile, rising cases of Kovid-19 in different parts of the country are testing China’s policy of zero Covid, under which China has strictly prohibited foreign travel of people and 21 for those coming from abroad including diplomats. The rule of isolation of the day has been made. The Health Commission of China on Sunday reported 92 cases of Kovid-19, out of which 59 cases are of local infection.

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