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Corona has started increasing again in Britain, 50 thousand cases found in last 24 hours

Britain Corona Case: Once again in the UK, the situation is becoming serious due to the increasing cases of corona virus. For the first time since January, more than 50 thousand cases of corona virus infection have been reported here in a single day.

Along with this, 49 people have also died due to corona here in the last 24 hours. Barring some restrictions, the rules of lockdown in Britain are going to end from Monday. In such a situation, the increase in the cases of infection can become a matter of concern.

According to UK government data, a record 51,870 new cases of corona virus have been reported here in the last 24 hours, which is the largest number since January 15 this year. So far, 68,053 cases of corona were found in Britain on 8 January. so

Health Secretary Sajid Javed has already warned that by July 19, the number of daily cases of corona here may reach 50,000. At the same time, he had said that in the coming time this number may even cross one lakh per day.

According to scientists, relaxation in lockdown can be dangerous

Despite the increase in cases, the British government is still preparing to lift all restrictions in England on 19 July. However, many scientists say that this step of the government will be dangerous. England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty has warned that the number of patients hospitalized due to Corona may soon increase rapidly.

He said, “The number of Kovid patients admitted to the hospital is doubling every three weeks.” He also said, “We are still not out of this danger. If the rules of lockdown are relaxed from Monday, then during this time people should take the right precautions.”

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