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Corona has a big impact on the brain, makes the power to think and understand very weak – Study

Coronavirus Impact: People who have recovered after beating the corona virus infection may have to face problems like having trouble thinking and concentrating. A research report published in the journal EClinicalMedicine states that people with severe symptoms of Kovid-19 scored low in the online test series and this affected their performance and problem solving ability the most.

It said that among those who were put on ventilators in the hospital, cognitive abilities were most visible. Adam Hampshire, from Imperial College London in the UK and lead author of the research report, said, “Our study looked at various aspects of Kovid-19 that can affect the brain and brain function. “Looking at various aspects, research indicates that there are some significant effects of Kovid-19 on the brain that require further investigation.”

WHO will test three drugs for the treatment of corona virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that it will soon test three drugs used in the treatment of other diseases to see if they can also help a patient infected with the corona virus. The organization said in a statement on Wednesday that three drugs will be taken in the next phase of research being done to identify possible treatments for Kovid-19. These drugs will be selected by an independent committee and will be based on whether they have the potential to prevent the death of hospitalized people infected with the corona virus or not.

Among them are ‘Artisunate’ used to treat malaria, ‘Imatinib’ useful in cancer treatment and ‘Inflicimab’ which are currently used in people with diseases of the immune system.

The first four drugs were assessed in the organization’s ongoing study on Kovid-19 treatment. In the investigation, the agency had found that ‘Remdesivir’ and ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ did not help the hospitalized infected. The organization’s research involves thousands of researchers from hundreds of hospitals in 52 countries. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that there is an urgent need to find more effective and accessible treatment for Kovid-19 patients.


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