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Corona cases increase by more than 50% worldwide, everywhere except Africa

Coronavirus in World, World Health Organization ,WHO, In its latest report of the epidemic, has said that the corona virus spread around the world last week. (Coronavirus) close to the cases of 55 percentage has increased. Although the case of death is stable.

The United Nations Health Agency said in its weekly report that last week the Covid-19 About 1.5 crore new cases came and 43,000 More people died. The cases of Kovid have increased in the world except Africa but in Africa 11 percentage has decreased. Last week the organization 95 Lakhs of cases were registered and it was said that this is a tsunami of epidemic.

The WHO said that the highly contagious Omicron form of the virus is spreading worldwide and it is the delta form of the virus. (Delta Variant) Putting out. The Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa in late November, and according to the organization, Omicron’s share of all shared sequences is close to 59 Percentage is. omicron (Omicron) has reduced the doubling time of cases and there is evidence that this ,Immunity, capacity can be avoided. Several studies have shown that it is less lethal than earlier forms of the virus.

The wave of corona has passed in South Africa!

In South Africa, cases of Omicron increased rapidly and cases decreased rapidly. Experts believe that the wave has passed. The WHO said this week that cases have decreased for the first time this week since the increase in cases of Kovid in Africa. Scientists in Britain and the US say early signs suggest Omicron cases have peaked, but they are still uncertain about the next phase of the pandemic. Most this week in America 78 Percentage cases have come.

new cases in europe 31 Percentage has increased while in the case of death 10 percentage has decreased. Most of the cases have come from Southeast Asia where 400 There has been an increase of more than percent and in this India has the highest number of cases., timor lest, There have been reports from Thailand and Bangladesh. There has been a decrease of six percent in the case of death in the area.

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