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Corona case again created a new record in Britain, more than 93 thousand cases came in a day

Covid Cases in UK: Record cases of corona virus were registered in Britain for the third consecutive day. On Friday, more than 93,000 new cases of corona virus were reported, which is the highest daily case till date. At the same time, 88,376 cases of corona were registered here on Thursday, while 78,610 cases were registered a day before. Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, is believed to be mainly responsible for new cases of infection.

Earlier, the highest daily cases in Britain were reported on 08 January. At that time 68,053 new cases were registered. Experts have also warned that in the coming days, new cases of corona in Britain may increase further. It is known that Britain is one of the countries in the world that first started the corona vaccination. However, the first recorded cases due to the delta variant of the corona virus and now Omichrome have raised the concern of countries around the world.

Omicron has caused the first death in the UK

The first death has occurred in Britain from Omicron, a dangerous variant of the corona virus. Britain is the first country where the first death has occurred from Omicron. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave this information. Confirming the first death from Omicron, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that this new strain is taking a large number of people to the hospital. He warned that people should not take the danger of Omicron lightly.

France bans non-essential travel from Britain

At the same time, the French government has announced a ban on non-essential travel from Britain from the weekend, as there are record cases of corona virus coming here. The government said in a statement that it would be necessary to provide a valid reason for visiting or coming to the UK from midnight on Saturday i.e. 2300 GMT Friday. This will be for both unvaccinated and vaccinated passengers.

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