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Sang Moc – the remotest and most remote commune of Vo Nhai district was selected as a focal commune to implement digital transformation with three key “pillars”: digital government, digital economy and digital society.

Along with La Bang (Dai Tu district), Sang Moc (Vo Nhai district) is the commune selected by the province to pilot the construction of a smart commune (digital transformation – college).

This is a risky decision by Thai Nguyen that is contrary to conventional wisdom: it will choose communes and wards in the center with compatible infrastructure and people to pilot the policy of building digital and economic government. number and digital society.

But, in Thai Nguyen there is a different mindset, if not a mindset… the opposite: choosing the most difficult and most deprived commune to do digital transformation!

Citizens of Sang Moc commune come to do administrative procedures in the poorest commune in Thai Nguyen province and are implementing digital transformation

Mr. Trieu Trung Tien, chairman of the commune said: Sang Moc is currently the most difficult and remote commune in Vo Nhai district. Sang Moc has just achieved 10 new rural criteria (lowest in the province); the rate of poor households remains over 20.14%, near-poor households 14.31%; tens of kilometers of dirt road are difficult to go; 3/4 schools have not reached national standards; 4 makeshift village cultural houses… Production activities of the people are still heavy on spontaneity. While wanting to implement the CD, the prerequisite is that the telecommunications network infrastructure must be in sync…

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In Sang Moc, many villages are still concave areas, without phone and internet signal. To implement digital transformation, telecommunications infrastructure is being invested and upgraded for the commune.
Convert numbers where 'do the reverse'
Staff at Sang Moc commune health station are aiming to apply a remote medical examination platform…

In Sang Moc, only the center of the commune with 3 schools and Ban Chuong hamlet has 3G and 4G mobile waves. The hamlets of Khuoi Meo, Na Lay, Khuoi Chao, Tan Lap, Na Ca and Phu Coc have almost none, the network system is poor because the transmission line installed a long time ago is now degraded.

Sang Moc has more than 700 households scattered in 10 hamlets with over 2,800 people, most of which are ethnic minorities.

Convert numbers where 'do the reverse'
“Command Center” implements digital transformation of the poorest commune in Vo Nhai district

Secretary of the Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai explained that choosing the poorest and most difficult commune to implement the digital transformation program was a challenge for Thai Nguyen himself. However, it is a “test” to prove, if Sang Moc succeeds, all the remaining 177 communes – wards in the whole province will do it.

And, Sang Moc surprisingly entered the transformation into a “smart commune”!

The first citizen to perform public services online

Mr. Luong Ngoc Khuyen, Sang Moc commune judicial officer is on duty at the commune’s “Receiving and returning results” on Wednesday, September 8. In remote communes, mainly ethnic people of Dao, Tay, Cao Lan…, people work in the fields during the day. Very few people go to the commune to perform public services.

At the instruction board, Sang Moc lists a list of public services for people who need to carry out procedures, along with instructions for people to know how to perform operations through the online network.

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The future “digital citizens” of Sang Moc.

People still keep the habit of bringing records and papers to the commune to do. At that time, we explain and guide you on the steps to submit requests through the software. The number of people performing public services after a few months of implementation can only be counted on the fingers, however, in the coming time, there will certainly be many changes.” – Mr. Khuyen said.

The first citizen of Sang Moc to perform an online public service was Mr. Trieu Trung Tien – the chairman of the commune. Mr. Tien sits at home and submits an online application to the reception department to request a copy of the birth certificate for his child in the new school year. It was a very minor procedure, but, for the first time, a request for administrative proceedings was resolved without the presence of the petitioner.

“At first, I was very surprised myself, from how to perform the operation of using the computer… From a small thing, then there are more difficult requirements, then I will know how to handle it. work,” said Khuyen.

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Mr. Luong Ngoc Khuyen, Sang Moc commune judicial officer – who performs level 4 public services for citizens in the commune

To prepare for Sang Moc to implement digital transformation, the Department of Information and Communications directly appoints Deputy Director Nguyen Duc Loc to guide and support the commune.

Currently, the commune-level electronic one-stop-shop system has provided level 3 online public services (with 5 procedures); 46 administrative procedures at level 4 were announced; The commune has also applied an electronic one-stop software system to receive and return results of administrative procedures; initialize 100% of official mailbox addresses (official email) for commune-level officials, civil servants and public employees to use regularly.

Convert numbers where 'do the reverse'
Convert numbers where 'do the reverse'
All these administrative services will be digitized after Sang Moc completes the infrastructure for digital transformation.

Currently, all propaganda documents, papers and documents are transferred by the Commune People’s Committee to the villages and hamlets through the Sang Moc Portal integrated on the Provincial Portal. Commune and village officials are trained to use smartphones or computers to receive all instructions from the CPC.

The commune has equipped each village and hamlet with a cluster of smart speakers that play twice daily at noon and in the afternoon, helping more than 80% of the total 87 households to access information.

After more than half a year of implementing community colleges in the area towards building smart communes, Sang Moc has many positive changes.

The commune has installed 8km fiber optic transmission line from the Commune People’s Committee to the Tien Son school site, providing free Internet for this school site and the hamlets of Phu Coc, Na Ka, Khuoi Meo.

Particularly at Tien Son Secondary School, the sponsor has deployed a LAN, an Informatics classroom with Internet connection to serve teaching students here. Internet is also deployed at Sang Moc Primary and Secondary School.

The new generation computer-controlled smart speaker system has brought into full play its high efficiency in propaganda work in Sang Moc upland commune.

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Vo Nhai district agricultural extension officer disseminates knowledge about growing medicinal plants to people through a screen at the communal hall.

Sang Moc has an online video conferencing system connected to the District People’s Committee and other bridge points via the Internet.

The sponsor Mobifone has also completed the installation and operation of 5 smart speaker systems from the Commune People’s Committee and the hamlets.

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Sang Moc Childhood!

The commune health station is equipped with a remote medical examination and treatment system (TeleHealth) to help improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for people, because it is several tens of kilometers from Sang Moc to the district center.

Sharing the spirit of “doing digital transformation”, chairman of the commune Trieu Trung Tien said: Sang Moc receives great support from the province, district and telecommunications businesses.

“Currently, the items of the second phase of the College in the commune have been basically completed. We are continuing to coordinate with telecommunications businesses to deploy Internet connectivity for the remaining hamlets, and at the same time create personal accounts for people who need to log in and use the National Service Portal. family.

The future of becoming a “smart commune” of Sang Moc is no longer a “dream” story!

“Paperless conference” and quick results

“Paperless conference” and quick results

The inherent habits of the “zero number” time have been changed and adapted to the new environment.

Digital transformation creates a

Digital transformation creates a “technology shield” against epidemics in Thai Nguyen

9 months after Resolution No. 01 on the province’s Digital Transformation Program was issued, Thai Nguyen has achieved dual goals: Socio-economic development and staying safe during the epidemic.

Kien Trung – Trong Dat


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