Convenient and simple payment with VNPT Mobile Money

With VNPT Mobile Money, users can pay electricity, water, phone, school fees for their children at home, etc. easily, safely and conveniently instead of having to go to the place like before.

Changing habits in a new context

“Living in the city is used to, everything is fast and convenient, buy anything, swipe the card, transfer money is done. So sometimes I have to go on a business trip or do something in the countryside, I’m very shy. Sometimes when buying sundries, you have to wait for the seller to change change and take a whole day to return it, which is very time consuming …”, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh (Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi) said.

In fact, not only in rural areas but also in urban areas and big cities… there are still many people who feel unfamiliar with non-cash payment methods. Some people even think that non-cash payment is just swiping a bank card.

“Where do I go but I have to swipe my card, go to the market or not, who do I swipe the card for?”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bay (Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City) shared the reason why until now has not been used. using bank payment cards, payment apps, e-wallets. Not only going to the market, Ms. Bay also often pays household expenses such as electricity, water, telephone, etc. in cash. Each time it is due, Ms. Bay often goes to the transaction points of the companies, it takes a long time, when it is overdue, the service is “locked”. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Ms. Bay and many other housewives gradually understood the importance of cashless payments.

According to statistics, more than 40% of adults in Vietnam still do not have a bank account. This is also the potential customer file of the “phone money” market – mobile money has been developing strongly in many countries in recent years.

Easy to use

The State Bank has officially allowed the trial of Mobile Money payment service points nationwide, creating an opportunity for everyone to solve their daily payment and transaction needs easily. This is a payment service based on mobile subscriptions without a bank account or wifi, 3G/4G, especially convenient for transactions and goods of small value.

Ms. Bay said that at the end of last month, when she went to pay for VinaPhone postpaid phones for her family at the transaction point, she was introduced by VNPT staff and guided to install and use VNPT Mobile Money. At first, she was shy because she was not familiar with technology.

But after being instructed, she was assured: “Just top up your VNPT Mobile Money account. After that, I can pay bills: electricity, water, phone, school fees, etc. for my children easily on my phone. This way not only controls spending but also saves travel time, doesn’t have to worry about overdue, doesn’t have to worry about Covid-19 but also reduces fatigue. At the same time, I can also shoot money for my parents to make it easier for them to spend.”

Ms. Bay added that she had registered to install VNPT Mobile Money for her parents. With the ability to manipulate payments via voice keypad (USSD protocol *9191#), users of any age can use the service easily.

As noted by VNPT, in recent days, right after being licensed to deploy the service, VNPT’s transaction points welcomed a large number of people to register for a Mobile Money account. On the online channel, the number of new accounts of this network operator also continuously “jumps” impressively. Up to this point, according to VNPT’s data, after half a month of deploying Mobile Money, nearly 20,000 subscribers have registered for an account to use this service, reflecting the initial positive signal from the cashless payment channel. new face.

VNPT representative shared: “We have been preparing for a long time, in terms of infrastructure, human resources… Therefore, as soon as it was licensed, VNPT immediately launched VNPT Mobile Money service on country. Customers have also been communicated before, so they are quite excited and open to this service. We believe that, in the coming time, Mobile Money will become an indispensable part of people’s shopping and transaction activities.”

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