Controversy over the cost of Jean-Claude Brialy’s castle, bequeathed to the city of Meaux

The maintenance of the residence of the actor, who died in 2007, is not unanimous within the city council headed by Jean-François Cope.

In his castle of Monthyon Jean-Claude Brialy received his friends from the theater and the cinema. Jean Marais, Pierre Arditi and of course Romy Schneider, met on the set of Christine, liked to rest at his place. Singer Barbara had also run her fingers over the living room piano. Jean-Pierre Melville had filmed the final scene of the Red Circle, where Alain Delon and Yves Montand would die under the bullets of the cops.

When he died in 2007, Claude Chabrol’s favorite actor decided to bequeath his home to the town of Meaux, located a few kilometers from Monthyon, with only one codicil: his companion Bruno Finck would retain the enjoyment of it. Since his departure in the south of France, a few months ago, respecting the will of the actor, Meaux has just recovered full ownership of the castle. Immediately LR mayor of Meaux Jean-François Copé decided to open the castle and its eight-hectare park to its citizens and to all moviegoers who can discover some memories dedicated to the cinema.

An expensive cost?

Unfortunately the beautiful idea of ​​the mayor of Meaux to transform the castle of Brialy into a museum does not collect unanimity within the council of the city of Seine-et-Marne, which points the finger at the cost of the project. “I have a lot of admiration for Jean-Claude Brialy, but Meaux does not have the means to maintain such a property. What is the interest for Meldoises and Meldois? No», Considers André Moukhine-Fortier, the leader of the opposition, in The Parisian.

Would it be expensive for the city of Meaux to maintain the future museum-castle of Jean-Claude Brialy? For now, still according to The Parisian, Monthyon’s charges are around 40,000 euros per year. But the city, to create a real cinema space, plans to open a performance hall and enhance the park by cultivating a vegetable garden, an orchard and a rose garden. It is now for the mayor to assess these investments if he does not want to become the victim of a municipal sling.

Beau Serge by Claude Chabrol in 1958 with Jean-Claude Brialy, Bernadette Lafont, Gérard Blain …


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