Controversy about people having to pay a fee to get the password of the Social Insurance app

In case the password is forgotten, the user of the VSSID Social Security book application will have to pay a fee for a message requesting a re-issue of 1,000 VND.

Recently, a controversial issue has broken out related to the VSSID application of the Vietnam Social Security (Social Insurance). The source of the problem started from the fact that many users discovered that they had to pay a message fee when sending a request to retrieve their password on the application.

In fact, when sending this request, the information returned from the VSSID application says that if you want to reset the password to the registered phone number, the user must compose a message with the syntax “BH MK [Mã số BHXH] and send to prefix 8079.

However, what many VSSID users feel dissatisfied with is that they have to pay a message fee of 1,000 VND. Information from the VSSID application says that this is the message fee that users have to pay to the network operator.

Controversy surrounding the fact that people have to pay a fee to get the password of the Social Insurance app. (Photo: Trong Dat)

According to Mr. Duc Manh (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) – a VSSID application user, he regularly uses the application to track his insurance payment during the past 1 year. During that process, he lost his password many times, but this is the first time he has to pay a fee when asking to retrieve his password.

“I still know this is the carrier switchboard fee, but VSSID is an application for social work, so should the developer have a plan to work with the network operator to free or cut this fee?”, Mr. Manh shared.

Launched in mid-November 2020, VSSID is an application of the digital transformation ecosystem serving people of the Vietnam Social Security industry. VssID application provides utilities and essential information such as: tracking the participation process, benefit history of social insurance and health insurance (HI) regimes and policies.

In addition, the application also helps to look up information about social insurance codes, social insurance agencies, health insurance medical examination and treatment facilities and collection points, collection agents of voluntary social insurance, household health insurance, support services 24/ 7…

Controversy about people having to pay a fee to get the password of the Social Insurance app
The VSSID application is a newly launched product in an effort to digitally transform the social insurance industry. (Photo: Trong Dat)

According to Vietnam Social Security, the VssID application also has an important role, which is to help users monitor the employer’s performance of the obligation to pay social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance. In addition, VssID application will be a direct communication channel on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies of the Party and State.

Explaining about the fee collection, Mr. Le Nguyen Bong, Director of the Information Technology Center of Vietnam Social Insurance shared on Thanh Nien: “In the past, recovering passwords was completely free, so many people did not have the habit of remembering their passwords.”

According to Mr. Le Nguyen Bong, the number of people forgetting their password is too large, affecting the amount of money that social insurance has to pay to the network. Therefore, social insurance added a lookup texting syntax to the number 8070 to reduce the load on the system and at the same time improve the responsibility of the people.

Trong Dat

Transforming the insurance industry towards ensuring social security

Transforming the insurance industry towards ensuring social security

That is the topic that was discussed enthusiastically in the international webinar “Digital transformation – An effective platform to improve management quality, ensure social security benefits for people” organized by Vietnam Social Security. South organization.


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