Contract of 130 locomotives with Ukraine: “This is excellent news for the employees of Belfort”, greets Bruno Le Maire

The Minister of the Economy welcomed an agreement intergovernmental agreement between France and Ukraine which secures “at least 150 jobs” in Belfort.

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Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, greeted Friday May 14 on France Bleu Belfort-Montbéliard the intergovernmental agreement signed between Ukraine and France concerning the supply of 130 electric locomotives, of which 20 will be manufactured on the site of Alstom in Belfort. “This is excellent news for all employees, all workers in Belfort”, reacted Bruno Le Maire.

This contract, for an amount of 880 million euros, “provides a load plan for Belfort for the next six to seven years. This is excellent news for the Belfort site and for Alstom, said the Minister of the Economy. The contract secures at least 150 jobs over the next six to seven years, including 110 in Belfort “, confirmed Bruno Le Maire. The unions also welcomed the announcement of this agreement.

“Personally, as Minister of the Economy, I have been working on this contract for almost three years. Today, we must above all be delighted with this result and the guarantees that this gives for the employment of Alstom. in Belfort. “

Bruno the Mayor

at France Bleu Belfort-Montbéliard

Other contracts could be signed according to the Minister of the Economy: “There may be other possibilities. Besides, including with Ukraine, I do not hide it. We are working on other possibilities, in other countries, always with an obsession, for my part, guarantee employment in the territories, and in particular in the Territoire de Belfort. ”

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