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Continuous control, the battle for the ferry continues

The 2021 session of the bac is not yet over as we are already discussing, behind the scenes, the contours of the upcoming editions. While listing the hiccups that affect here and there the organization of the grand oral during the sitting (convening errors, teachers evaluating in a discipline they do not master …), some teachers’ unions warn against a probable reform of the reform of the bac, which entered into force this year.

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At the heart of the battle, which continued on Tuesday, June 22 at a meeting of the monitoring committee of the “new high school”, the question of continuous monitoring. In principle, the new version of this bicentennial diploma provides that 40% of the final mark are awarded in this context: 10% on the basis of the first and final reports and 30% on that of common tests (EC), on horseback. between the last two years of high school. Except that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced this year to take into account very broadly the quarterly averages and to maintain only the test of philosophy and the grand oral.

The uncertain future of common trials

To date, only a session of common tests has been held, at the beginning of 2020, and again, against a backdrop of high school student protest … These “partial” had been imagined as a compromise between the defenders of a status quo founded for the ‘essential on the final rounds and supporters of maximum continuous monitoring, including the main union of school leaders, SNPDEN.

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“Today, public opinion is ripe for an abolition of common trials, considers its general secretary Bruno Bobkiewicz. Even in the teachers’ room, many are annoyed by these exams which put the students under pressure very early on. “

According to him, relying more on the ballots would not “Nothing indecent” on three conditions: ” That the inspectorates accompany the teachers in their evaluation practices and help them to determine what to note or not and how ”, that we create national subject banks and that we encourage “Homework for several teachers and sharing copies”.“We must avoid giving the impression that we can miss our baccalaureate because we had in class Mr. So-and-so rather than one of his colleagues. “

Teachers are pressure from students and parents

Not enough to reassure Jean-Rémi Girard, the president of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges, an organization which, once is not customary, has just published a joint statement with the Snes to try to prevent a strengthening of continuous monitoring. “Allocating 40% of the baccalaureate on the basis of the report cards would place the teachers under constant pressure from the pupils and their parents”, he argues. It is also “Run the risk of seeing each high school make a local reading of the programs, taking into account the profile of the students and moving away from the national benchmark that until now constituted the bac”, continues Jean-Rémi Girard.

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One thing is certain: Jean-Michel Blanquer has never shown great enthusiasm about these common trials. Questioned at the Assembly on June 22, the Minister indicated that the conclusions of the monitoring committee would give “Undoubtedly a place for new developments, nwe do not want to modify the distribution – the part of continuous control will remain at 40% – but to adapt the methods and give the pupils the necessary serenity ”.

Does the grand oral of the bac reinforce inequalities?

The minister could decide by July 10 on the future modalities of continuous monitoring. If he were to abandon the principle of common tests, he might have to review the coefficients of the different subjects as part of the continuous assessment. It would undoubtedly be necessary to put more weight on those which had hitherto taken EC: languages, history-geo – moral and civic education, scientific education, but also those of the three specialties that the pupil abandons in end of first; an examination which could be maintained. Suffice to say that the battle for the ferry is not over.


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