Containment: the UNSA union denounces obstacles to teleworking in the Banque Populaire network, on the part of leaders

The 30,000 employees of the Banque Populaire banks no longer understand anything. Last spring, they teleworked extensively from their homes. But since the reconfinement, the situation has changed, explains Laetitia Bresson, UNSA general secretary: “We see today that this is not true 100%. Our leaders, for some, use excuses to say ‘no no, it is absolutely necessary to move and come once or twice a week, to do the same job they do from home on top of that. That’s what is quite difficult to understand. “

It is at the fair and arbitrary discretion of one or the other who says ‘this activity is teleworkable or not’, and unfortunately, it is often the ‘or not’.

Laetitia Bresson

to franceinfo

For the trade unionist, this change of speech is explained by a total lack of confidence of the leaders.“We have this Latin need of the manager to see his colleague work to make sure that he really works. We had a good example of the vision of teleworking by a member of the management of the network who had allowed himself to write on the professional network LinkedIn that teleworking came back to ‘teleglandouille’, says Laetitia Bresson. If that is not a nice insult to all the colleagues who have struggled to telecommute from home, on a corner of the kitchen table, with the children … A real nice insult. “

With her union, Laetitia Bresson does not intend to stop there: “It is a census work that we will have to ask each employer to justify why on their side they believe that it is not telework while another, it is. After, the great unknown it is: what will be the power of the labor inspectorate in this area? “

Today, the protocol, these are recommendations, strong commitments that we ask employers, but will they be punishable if they do not apply it?

Laetitia Bresson

to franceinfo

“We must hope that the labor inspectorate will have the means”, concludes the Secretary General UNSA. According to the Ministry of Labor, inspectors may, for example, issue a letter of observation or refer a summary judgment to a judicial judge. But their mission will above all be to facilitate dialogue between unions and employers.

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