Containment: the transport sector could lose 5 billion euros in 2020, says the CEO of Transdev

Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev, guest of franceinfo, Wednesday November 11, 2020 (FRANCEINFO)

The transport sector has already lost four billion euros in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis, and “this second confinement will probably ensure that the addition is beyond four billion, it will be of the order of five billion in terms of loss of revenue”, said Wednesday, November 11 on franceinfo Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev (which manages many bus and tram networks in France) and president of the Union of public and rail transport (UTP).

Thierry Mallet says he has worked with local communities and the State “in order to obtain help, so that we can maintain the supply and that transport companies are in good health when emerging from this health crisis and to prevent this from being a massive return to the car. We need a support plan before a recovery plan to be able to invest tomorrow “.

The CEO of Transdev nevertheless notes some positive signs: “We have a lot more people than we had during the first confinement because the economic activity is more important”.

During the 1st confinement we were between 5 and 7% of passengers and today, depending on the networks, we are between 40 and 60% of passengers who continue to be with us.

Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev

to franceinfo

“Before confinement, we had reached between 80 and 90% on the networks, we lost about 30% of traffic, specifies Thierry Mallet. It is the same loss that we see on other international transport networks, in particular in Europe where we have reconfigured “.

In relation to this drop in public transport use, the boss of Transdev indicates that the offers have been “Little adjusted until now, they will probably adjust in the coming weeks, that will be the decision of the organizing authorities, of the local authorities”. Thierry Mallet observes a peak in the morning and in the evening and says he wants to adapt the prices “to take account of changes in demand”.

The Transdev network will keep “a significant amplitude to allow people who work shift schedules to continue to travel with public transport”, announces Thierry Mallet who indicates that in some cities like Le Havre, we have been set up “dedicated transport for nursing staff with free on-demand transport.”

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