Containment: “The government must give a date for the reopening of shops,” said the deputy chairman of Medef

Patrick Martin, Deputy Chairman of Medef, was the eco guest on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Reopening businesses should not be an option. The government, through its spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, indicated on Tuesday November 10 that“it seems very early to propose a relaxation of the rules that have been set”, for containment.

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Medef demands that so-called “non-essential” stores open at least before the last weekend of November, to save Christmas sales. “VSar we know that in this period there are a lot of purchases “, indicates Patrick Martin, deputy chairman of Medef, eco guest of franceinfo on Tuesday. And to do this, the employers propose to improve health measures, for example to increase the gauge between customers, to offer a system of in-store appointments, etc.

We ask for a date, for visibility. Let’s stop these alternations of opening and closing which morally exhaust entrepreneurs and employees.

Patrick Martin, Deputy Chairman of Medef

to franceinfo

The president of Medef recalls “that Germany has not closed its retail outlets”. The last weekend of November corresponds to Black Friday, a day of internet sales, and “it cannot be banned”, commented Patrick Martin because “The State does not have the legal possibility, but the great player in e-commerce that we all know [Amazon] should show responsibility and send a sign of solidarity, perhaps that is asking a lot, to all these traders who are back to the wall and who play their skin in this situation “, insisted the deputy chairman of Medef.

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux’s right-hand man is worried about the coming economic tsunami. The closures of commercial outlets are beginning to threaten many industrial activities, such as the automotive industry and publishing. “This pandemic will continue for months, the time that everyone is vaccinated, we will have to get used to living with this virus, we must stop these stop and go which are financially ruinous and which psychologically and morally exhaust employees and entrepreneurs too “, fears Patrick Martin.

Finally, concerning extended and compulsory paternity leave, the deputy chairman of Medef is on the same line as the right-wing senators (LR): “It goes in the direction of history but now is not the time. Currently, it is the economic urgency which prevails.”

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