Containment: the giants of online sales are rubbing their hands

Amazon has become the pet peeve of small traders. The American e-commerce giant certainly did not wait for confinement to position itself in France. With 771 million transactions completed, Amazon has amassed 7.4 billion euros for over a year, leaving competing sites far behind. It must be said that e-commerce is already well anchored in the daily life of the French, since 70% of those over 18 buy on the Internet.

Set back from consumer goods (food, cleaning), Amazon derives most of its turnover from the sale of multimedia, cultural, decorative products and even toys. While the first confinement was not necessarily favorable to it in France, with social problems and warehouse closures, the group has just announced record results on a global scale, with a tripling of its net profit (6 , US $ 3 billion) and a 37% increase in sales (US $ 96.1 billion). He also claims to have created 400,000 jobs since the start of the year worldwide.

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