Containment: Patrick Martin, deputy chairman of Medef, does not want a “cornecul debate”

Patrick Martin, deputy chairman of Medef, guest of franceinfo on Monday January 25, 2021 (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Will there be a new confinement in the face of Covid-19? And if so, what will it look like? Prime Minister Jean Castex announces that “decisions will be made this week”. Eco guest of franceinfo on Monday January 25, Patrick Martin, deputy chairman of Medef, claims “pragmatic measures”.

“We support anything that can contribute to the health security of our fellow citizens, our employees, and entrepreneurs themselves”, says Patrick Martin. “On the other hand, we are a little surprised, he adds. We understood that the President of the Republic was taking the time to assess the consequences of the curfew. And the Prime Minister announces measures – we do not yet know which ones. It creates indecision, it creates stress. “

The deputy chairman of Medef calls for new measures, “if they have to be taken, be done in a pragmatic way”. He wants businesses, which “are not places of contamination”, all remain open.

Let’s not go back to this hornbeam debate that we had during the last confinement. What is an essential product and a non-essential product? Do not go into this …

Patrick Martin, Deputy Chairman of Medef

on franceinfo

Patrick Martin also believes that strict confinement, such as that of spring 2020, would be “fatal” to the economy.

Faced with the crisis, the government is reviewing the entry into force of the unemployment insurance reform, scheduled for April 1. The deputy chairman of Medef understands that the government “take into account a social situation which has deteriorated sharply” :We change the calendar but above all we index the implementation of certain measures, for example to the unemployment rate. We will have to agree on the very principle of this indexation (…) As far as we are concerned, we still consider that this reform is going in the right direction. “

On the other hand, the employers’ organization is still opposed to another aspect of the reform, the “bonus-malus” for companies which multiply short contracts. “A gas factory”, according to Patrick Martin.

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