Containment: paid leave, a headache for companies

Julian Zanon, co-owner of the restaurant Gemini, had to put its 47 employees on partial unemployment or in reduced activity. But for six months, its employees have all the same accumulated paid vacation. We are around 110,000 euros of paid leave over the year“, he confides. The government is studying several avenues to reduce the burden on businesses: the employer could require its employees to take between 10 and 15 days of leave before next January 20, or the holidays could be spread out and taken before May 31, 2021.

This would concern restaurants and sports halls closed administratively. The case of theevent and the hotel industry is not yet decided. If my employees do not take leave and they give me a gift somewhere, it will allow me to earn half a month’s cash, so around 15,000 euros“, explains Franck Camus, manager of an events company. A legal solution in practice, but if the employee changes his mind later, nothing will prevent him from later turning against his employer before the industrial tribunal.

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