Containment: “Our economy is holding up!” Says Pierre Pelouzet, business mediator

Pierre Pelouzet, business mediator (December 1, 2020). (FRANCE INFO / RADIO FRANCE)

After a month of confinement, how are French companies doing? Eco guest of franceinfo, Pierre Pelouzet, business mediator, knows the difficulties of the most fragile. But above all he retains “resilience” many actors.

Our economy is holding up! “, he says. “Of course, there is all the aid put in place by the State (the loan guaranteed by the State, partial unemployment, the solidarity fund, etc.) but there is also a formidable resilience (…) I see every day fighting, committed, smart business leaders who will try to find everything they can do to continue, and it works! “

There are much less failures in 2020 than in 2019

Pierre Pelouzet

business mediator

The mediator explains that his services are first used by small businesses: traders, craftsmen, very small businesses, and SMEs. He is often called upon for late payments, less numerous than in the first half of the year, but also for breaches of contracts and for problems with commercial leases – many merchants having difficulty paying their rents.

Help and solutions exist. Pierre Pelouzet encourages the business leaders concerned to turn to the mediation service. “It is a public, free, confidential and fast service. And it is aimed primarily at small businesses …

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