Containment: “It must be said very clearly that teleworking is not an option”, defends Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT

Phlippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, guest of franceinfo, Monday, November 9, 2020 (FRANCEINFO)

To verify that companies are effectively putting teleworking into practice in order to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, “we need controls, it must be said very clearly that teleworking is not an option”, estimates Monday, November 9 on franceinfo Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT. “And then if necessary”, the union leader proposes to establish “Fines, when you don’t respect the rules. You and I are punished, why wouldn’t it work the same for companies?”

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While a second meeting on the organization of telework during the new confinement is held on Tuesday, November 10 between the unions and the employers, Philippe Martinez castigates “the government that was not clear” on this question since, indicates the leader of the CGT, “Mr. Macron in one of his first televised interventions made teleworking an option”. But the secretary general of the CGT has nevertheless “noted a hardening of the tone” by the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne.

“When there is no agreement, and this is what we have been asking for months – it dragged on with a Medef dragging its feet – the framework is not precise, it raises questions, it is necessary effectively means for teleworking “, says Philippe Martinez. “It dragged on and it remained vague for a very long time”.

According to Philippe Martinez, in general, the government has “a lot of gifts to companies, while those who are on short-time work lose money. We demand that banks and insurance companies be used to compensate for this loss of wages, because, when we lose 16% of his salary [l’État paie 84% du salaire en chômage partiel], in the majority of companies, the remaining 16% are not covered “. “When you are 1% above the minimum wage, it doesn’t make a lot of money at the end of the month”, concludes the leader of the CGT.

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