Containment: how to obtain partial activity in your company?


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After Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on Wednesday March 31, it remained to develop a certain number of devices at the level of companies with the establishment of the third confinement. France Télévisions journalist Sophie Lanson is live from 12/13 to take stock of the situation on Friday April 2.

After the announcement of the third confinement, the Ministry of Labor clarified all the rules concerning the partial activity. But which activities are eligible? “For childcare, a parent is eligible for partial activity even if his job can be done by teleworking, but there are several conditions. The employer must first accept this request and the company has the right to refuse it. The employee must also have a child under the age of 16 or with a disability without age limit. He must also submit a sworn certificate stating that he is the only one of the two parents to be in partial activity “, explains journalist Sophie Lanson live from the 12/13 set on Friday April 2.

What does this partial activity entitle you to? “The employee will receive 84% of his net remuneration and 100% if he is at the minimum wage. For his part, for the company it costs nothing. The State compensates the company and takes care of everything”, continues the journalist. With the anticipated school holidays, the company can impose holidays. It can impose on an employee six working days of paid vacation but an agreement must be signed to allow it and the employee must be notified 24 hours in advance.

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