Containment and growth in quarantine? What future for social capitalism? The eco debates on Sunday March 21, 2021

The debates of the eco of March 21, 2021. (FRANCEINFO)

Christian de Boissieu, vice-president of the Circle of economists, and Denis ferrand, Managing Director of the Institut de conjoncture and Rexecode think tank, are the guests of the “eco debates” on Sunday March 14th.

Reconfinement, growth in quarantine?

The government maintains its forecast of 6% growth this year despite tightening restrictions in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. With the confinement of 16 departments for at least four weeks, the cost to public finances will be obvious, but not to the point of upsetting the government’s ambitions for economic recovery this year. Bercy maintains its growth outlook of 6% for the whole of 2021.

Is the relationship between health efficiency and economic cost sustainable? In the current context, is the government’s optimism justified? Is the stronger-than-expected economic rebound still relevant? What attitude for the government vs. businesses and the self-employed? …

What future for social capitalism in France?

One arrives, the other leaves … The transition is underway at the head of Danone, whose former CEO Emmanuel Faber split a letter to say goodbye to employees, while the new president Gilles Schnepp was working to reassure shareholders. “The market has clearly expressed a form of mistrust” with regard to Mr. Faber, explained Gilles Schnepp on Friday in an interview with Echoes.

But why then this unceremonious departure of the previous boss? Is this crisis indicative of the failure of social capitalism claimed by Emmanuel Faber? Did he fail in his role as boss of Danone? Is the concept of a “mission-driven company” threatened by shareholders eager for profitability? …

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