Consumption: call for a boycott against Amazon

Several elected officials from the left and personalities from the world of culture are attacking the online sales giant through a petition: “Dear Father Christmas, this year we are making the commitment of a Christmas without Amazon“. However, according to journalist Anne-Claire Le Sann, present on the set of 12/13, Tuesday November 17, Amazon does not benefit “not really“containment. Even if it remains dominant with 28% of the French market, the platform”records a two point drop in a single week“. After a Christmas 2019 at its highest with 35%, Amazon fell during the first containment with 25%, “especially because its warehouses had remained closed for health reasons“.

Amazon is certainly the number one fashion site, “but most of the retail trade in France is carried out in stores“, adds Anne-Claire Le Sann. However, it is difficult to know if the American giant is really destroying jobs in the country. A parliamentary study indicates that “for one job created at Amazon, at least two jobs are destroyed in convenience stores“The American giant recalls for its part that since its arrival in France 20 years ago, it has created 9,300 direct jobs and 130,000 induced jobs in the country.

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