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Conspiracy within the family, reconciling concern for the truth and maintaining the link

► “I prefer truth to reports pleasant

Sandrine, 29 years old, Rochefort-du-Gard (Gard)

“The first of the two factors that favored my mother’s adherence to conspiracy theses in recent years is her conversion to evangelical Protestantism. Under the influence of the United States, this religious current presents the world torn between good and evil, in a binary way: a background favorable to the reception of surrealist theses.

The second is her use of sites like YouTube, which she does not know that algorithms recommend videos similar to those she has previously watched and skew her view of the world, giving her the impression of an opinion that is mostly in her direction. .

I had to give up trying to be patient to explain how these platforms work. This situation affects me more than my brothers and sisters, who rather pretend that everything is fine. But I prefer the truth to the reports pleasant. “

► “Our relationship has cooled down”

François (1), 47 years old, Templeuve (North)

“In a context where many people die, wearing a mask seems to me to be a light burden. In messages which my little sister “bombarded” family WhatsApp groups, I was struck by the details in the denunciation, in particular of the wearing a mask, or some vaccines, contrasting with the assent to fuzzy things like the truth, the freedom

I did not wish to react on social networks, preferring a more personal response. Neither she nor I have the means to verify the information that, for example, Emmanuel Macron had indeed contracted the virus. Shortly before Christmas, this is what she nevertheless questioned, with such certainty that I understood that she had reached a level of subjectivity of which she was not aware.

→ TICKET. The plot of the plot

Our relationship has since cooled, but I was happy to call him two weeks ago on his birthday. A bond is maintained in which I show temperance towards my sister who, a year and a half ago, received treatment for depression, which increases my attention. “

► “I forbade my father to broach certain themes”

Laurie, 35 years old, Grenoble (38)

“For about four years, my father has adapted a lot of things in his way of life, but I was especially sensitive to it when I became a mother myself, two and a half years ago, because many of his concerns concern education: he has a stormy view of vaccines, is convinced that school is a place of brainwashing …

→ MAINTENANCE. Rudy Reichstadt: “Conspiracy is a pathology of democracy”

I, who strongly believe in the republican school, forbade him to address certain themes. He respects this rule, even if we pretend to approach them, with little spades: humor helps to play down a situation that might otherwise not be than complicated. He is a good grandfather but I am both resigned and saddened to see him isolate himself in a very negative view of things, a source of anxiety. Aging does not help her open up to more cheerful realities. “


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