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Conflans attack: national education deemed reactive but weak on the monitoring of social networks

The “national education” institution was reactive but was not vigilant enough in terms of monitoring on social networks. This is what concludes a report from the General Inspectorate of National Education, made public Thursday, December 3, which examines the events that occurred in Samuel Paty’s college before his assassination.

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“The reconstruction of the course of events tends to show that, both at the level of the establishment, as well as at the departmental and academic levels, measures were taken with reactivity to manage the disturbance initially caused by the course on the freedom of expression of Samuel Paty “, writes the general inspectorate of education in the report.

The academy alerted on October 8

At the beginning of October, this 47-year-old history and geography teacher showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed during a course on secularism which had created controversy among some parents. Ten days later, he was assassinated by a radicalized Chechen, on the eve of the All Saints holiday.

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The principal of the college “Accompanied the teacher the next day when she received a first reaction from a student mother” and alerted the academy “From Thursday 8 even before having met the father of the pupil and the individual who accompanied him”.

Regarding the interview that Samuel Paty had with the academic “secularism”, the principal and the education advisor, the inspectorate explains that, initially, the teacher had “Hard to perceive that by offering the students to leave he made a mistake, he thinks that in this his behavior is in accordance with the principles of secularism”.

Support for the “total” teacher

Samuel Paty then “Recognized an awkwardness, insofar as what was thought of as a means of protecting the pupils has finally offended”, continues the inspection, specifying that “During the interview, it is repeated that he did not explicitly ask the Muslim students to leave but that they felt implicitly designated”.

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“There was good responsiveness and professional reflexes on the part of Samuel Paty, the principal of the college and the various actors, including the“ Values ​​of the Republic ”teams at the Versailles academy. The institution’s support for the professor seems to have been total ”, says Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer in an interview with Figaro.

Towards social media watch cells?

The 22-page report also points to weaknesses, such as the lack of social media monitoring. After Samuel Paty’s lessons, the controversy, notably via the video of a student’s father, was particularly relayed on social networks. But the report notes that the warning has been given “By parents of pupils or by a teacher”. Therefore pointing to a deficit of the institution, the report considers that it “Appears necessary to set up or boost social media monitoring units”.

The report also reviews the exchange of information and recommends“To increase the fluidity and reciprocity of information exchange between the different levels of the services of the Ministry of National Education and those of the Ministry of the Interior so as, in particular, to allow an assessment of the degree of seriousness of an event “.

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In a separate press release, the Ministry of National Education said it had identified nearly 800 incidents (17% for apologizing for terrorism) during the tribute paid to Samuel Paty in schools. A few days after this, the figure of 400 was initially given by the Minister. In total, 44 definitive exclusions were declared by the establishments.


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