Computer problems at work ruin everyday life

At work, computer problems often undermine our lives. Especially since the implementation of remote work. To the point that a good part of the employees could leave their company if it did not offer them a technology to the height, according to a study which has just been published.

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What could make you quit your business? The answer to this question is surprising: first there is insufficient remuneration, benefits and development prospects, second place there is a toxic company culture, and from the third answer there are services and technological equipment not up to par. This possible cause of resignation occurs even before too long journeys.

This is what emerges from a study carried out by the company Nexthink, which looks at the experience of employees with IT. When technology isn’t up to snuff, she says, it disrupts, distracts and discourages even the most motivated talent.

Computer problems are also very common, according to this study. 40% of employees encounter a problem with their professional computer at least once a week. Breakdowns that block them for a long time. In a third of cases, 35% exactly, it can take up to half an hour. However, according to the University of California, it can take up to 25 minutes to regain concentration after an interruption. Outages that employees believe are more frequent when working remotely. For 38% of respondents, hybrid work complicates technological problems compared to a traditional work environment. Outages are equally due to software problems, internet problems and to a lesser extent hardware-related bugs.

In the event of a breakdown, we do not always know where to turn and it is even more the realm of resourcefulness. First reflex, adopted by 37% of those questioned: we restart the system. Then we turn to our colleagues to find out if they are having the same problem. Contacting the IT department only comes in third place, with only 15% of employees doing it first. We even find 7% who try to solve the problem themselves, by doing a search on the internet.

This makes the authors of this study say that employees do not know enough about IT services. A third of employees, 30%, do not really know who is responsible for improving their digital experience, or even if such a function exists in the company.

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