Compulsory teleworking under penalty of a fine: “It is really insulting for the heads of companies” estimates the Medef

“It’s really insulting to business leaders”, launches on franceinfo Patrick Martin, deputy chairman of Medef, the first employers’ organization, after the announcement Thursday, December 30 by the Minister of Labor. Élisabeth Borne indicated that companies not respecting the obligation of teleworking from next week could be sanctioned with a fine of up to 1,000 euros per employee.

Franceinfo: Élisabeth Borne confirms the establishment of a system of sanctions in the event of non-compliance with this obligation of teleworking. What do you answer him?

Patrick Martin: It is deeply shocking to stigmatize business leaders. Everyone agrees that since March 2020, companies have faced their responsibilities in terms of health. Entrepreneurs, to date, are fighting like dogs to cope with record absenteeism, to cope with price increases, especially in energy, which are putting them in difficulty. It’s really insulting to business leaders who, believe it, care about one thing and that is that their employees are in good health to be able to cope with the activity.

Are new discussions planned with the government, with the Minister of Labor? Do you hope you can make them back down on this decision?

That’s a really big word. The State is sovereign, the Parliament is sovereign. Since this provision must be introduced by amendment, we must already check whether this amendment has been tabled, whether its content is indeed what we have just been told, and then there will be the parliamentary debate. In any case, our position is very clear, now is not the time to stigmatize companies, it is really not the time to question the right to organize of business leaders at the same time they face so many difficulties.

The minister talks about these companies that would not play the telecommuting game. For you, does this concern a limited number of companies or is there a real subject?

It is infinitesimal and there is an announcement effect which, again, is a provocation for business leaders. There are legal provisions that already exist, but I would like to insist on one point: labor inspectors must, if unfortunately this amendment should be voted on, take into account this right to organize for managers. business.

The situations from one company to another are very unique. In a design office, we can say that these are people who can telecommute. But for many of them, they work on secure networks and when they are at home, first of all, it doesn’t necessarily make them happy to be at home and then they cannot access those networks. secure. It is not at the discretion of the labor inspector, it is really the company manager, in responsibility and because he is concerned about the health of his employees, but also about the good functioning of the company. company, which can make these arrangements.

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