Compulsory teleworking under penalty of a fine: it is a “sword of Damocles on our heads” deplores the CPME Paris Île-de-France

To limit the surge in Covid-19 cases, Jean Castex announced on Monday an increase in teleworking from the beginning of January.

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“We are a bit appalled. We expected more guidance, teaching and support”, testifies on franceinfo Bernard Cohen-Hadad, president of the confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises (CPME) Paris Île-de-France after the announcement Thursday, December 30 by the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne. Companies that do not comply with the obligation to telework from next week may be fined up to 1,000 euros per employee.

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Since the start of the epidemic, “we did everything we could in our companies, for the protocols, for the distances, for the limited teams, for the cleaning of the premises, the ventilation, the plexiglass”, insists Bernard Cohen-Hadad. He says he is in favor of teleworking, but against this sanction: “This announcement is a bit like the whipping father instead of Santa Claus, that’s not what we would have liked”, he explains.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Monday the obligation to increase teleworking to three or four days a week, “for all employees for whom it is possible”, from January 3 and for a period of three weeks. In the event of non-compliance with the obligation, it is the labor inspectorate which will apply the sanction, without going through the courts. “It’s like the sword of Damocles on our heads”, deplores Bernard Cohen-Hadad. “What we expect from the labor inspectorate is that it comes to explain to us, to support us in a context of crisis where for two years, we have always experienced telework by default. Let us rethink teleworking in the company . “

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