Completing QR code interoperability on PC-Covid and VNeID applications on November 1

October 29, 2021 18:48 GMT+7

It is expected that from November 1, after completing the QR code connection between the two PC-Covid and VneID applications, PC-Covid users can scan the QR code generated by the VneID application and vice versa for service. epidemic prevention work.

Information about the time to complete the QR Code connection of PC-Covid and VNeID applications has just been shared by Mr. Do Cong Anh, Director of the Department of Informatization (Ministry of Information and Communications) at an online seminar to propagate the implementation of the Resolution. 128 of the Government on the Provisional Regulations “Safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the Covid-19 epidemic” and Decision 4800 of the Ministry of Health on promulgating Interim Guidelines on medical professionals to implement Decree No. decide 128.

Propaganda workshop on Resolution 128 co-chaired by Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan and Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen.

If the completion of QR code interoperability between PC-Covid and VNeID applications is done within the deadline set by the representative of the Department of Informatization – November 1, just a few days later, 3 public service applications COVID-19 prevention and control activities including PC-Covid, VNeID and electronic health book will share the national QR code guided by the Ministry of Information and Communications from September 11.

This creates favorable conditions for people to participate in epidemic prevention and control, through the use of technology platforms to support disease management and control that have been deployed, such as the medical declaration platform and Control people entering and exiting places with QR codes.

PC-Covid, VNeID and Electronic Health Book are 3 applications that are agreed to be used in epidemic prevention.

In the conclusion of the online conference on October 16, thoroughly grasping a number of contents about vaccination against Covid-19 and solutions to authenticate and link vaccination data with national data on population, Leaders 3 The Ministry of Health, Public Security, and TT&TT have agreed on a cross-cutting policy that all levels and sectors work closely to implement the plan to connect and share vaccination data. Covid room with national population database. All for the common goal, avoiding “boxing, my right”, creating the most favorable conditions for people.

Leaders of the 3 ministries also agreed to use only 3 applications for the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, including: PC-Covid, which was directed by the National Steering Committee to be built to serve the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic; VNeID – an application for people identification and authentication managed by the Ministry of Public Security and a long-lasting application to serve society; Electronic Health Book – an application to manage people’s health information, including vaccination data managed by the Ministry of Health.

The three platforms above communicate data with each other, verifying information for each other. “Locals do not develop other application software to avoid causing trouble for people”, the notice of the conference’s conclusion clearly stated.

Also at the conclusion of the conference on October 16, leaders of the 3 Ministries of Health, Public Security, and Information and Communications agreed to require localities to deploy the same QR code. Specifically, people will use the QR code on the citizen ID card (for the case where the citizen ID card has not been issued, the citizen code will be used); when used on mobile applications, use the same QR code as guided by the Ministry of Information and Communications in Decision 1405 dated September 11, 2021 on technical requirements for individual QR code display modules of different platforms and applications. use to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

According to the guidance on technical requirements for individual QR code display modules of Covid-19 prevention and control platforms and applications (version 1.1) issued on September 11, each individual uses Platforms and applications for Covid-19 prevention and control are granted a personal QR code. Personal QR codes can be used for competent individuals and organizations to read and query relevant data for the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease. The fact that the Ministry of Information and Communications has instructions to display and use a uniform personal QR code in all platforms and applications will create maximum convenience for each person and agencies and organizations when performing business activities. Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control service.

Van Anh

Unifying a common QR code for anti-epidemic technology applications and platforms

Unifying a common QR code for anti-epidemic technology applications and platforms

The Ministry of Information and Communications has just issued technical guidance on uniform personal QR codes nationwide, creating an important premise for people to choose to use an application that provides suitable personal QR codes to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.


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