Competing to edit information about actor Hong Dang on Wikipedia

There was a wave of editing and changing information on Wikipedia about actor Hong Dang that took place on July 1.

Specifically, just today 1/7, up to 9 segments of information editing and restoration of actor Hong Dang took place on

One group of users intentionally added an unverified information about the actor, while another group wanted to remove this information. This correction and restoration has been taking place continuously since dawn on July 1.

A series of edits were made on the Wikipedia page about actor Hong Dang on July 1. (Screenshots)

Up to the present time, actor Hong Dang’s profile page still retains the same informational content as a few days ago, not displaying the information that a group of users wants to add.

Actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh are said to be on vacation in Europe with others. On Ho Hoai Anh’s personal Facebook, there is a livestream showing the musician at a golf course with actor Hong Dang, at a location in Spain.

At the same time, a number of local news sites in Spain reported that a young British girl reported the rape of two guests believed to be Vietnamese nationals.

Thien Phuc


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