Compensation: wages are expected to increase in 2022, study finds


With the Covid-19, it has been two years since salaries have been frozen or almost. True white years. According to the annual survey by consulting firm Deloitte, for nearly a Out of two working people, the salary has remained stable and when it has increased, it is barely 0.6%. There, with the recovery, increases could reach up to 1.8% next year. That is to say almost the levels before the crisis, since in 2019, the study recorded an average of around 2.5%.

Of course, there is still caution on the part of employers facing the future, but in a context of labor shortage, recruitment difficulties, and after a complicated period, when employees have often made efforts, companies know that in order to keep their teams, an increase is often a necessary step. THEhe expectations are high on the side of employees. This is a recurring request from the unions and a subject that promises to be at the heart of the debates in Matignon where Jean Castex receives the social partners.

Unsurprisingly, the most requested profiles are those in a strong negotiating position, in IT, digital and health. It is iIt is also interesting to note that with teleworking, the pay gap between Île-de-France and the other regions is narrowing and that it will still tend to decrease with the departure of many Parisian executives in the regions. Based in Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, they keep their level of remuneration.

The study shows that the gap between men and women has widened slightly over the past two years, while it has tended to narrow. But the crisis has penalized women, more numerous to work in services, restaurants and commerce. Sectors very affected by the pandemic where activity has often stopped or has been severely degraded.

In this period, women often refused contracts to take care of children or the house, which limits career progression and therefore wages.

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