Compartment n ° 6, by Juho Kuosmanen: the mess of the rail

CRITICAL – The Finn puts two people face to face that a priori everything opposes. A surprising second feature film.

Murmansk terminus. Laura has the top bunk. This blonde Finn shares her compartment with a Russian with a shaved head who doesn’t spit on vodka. She is studying archeology and wants to discover petroglyphs, rocks adorned with designs dating back thousands of years. That is why she leaves Moscow and goes to the north of the country. Her lover Irina was to accompany her, but she canceled at the last moment.

His companion bittern shrugs his shoulders at this absurd project. Ljoha works in a coal mine, speaks a cartman’s language, dips his fingers in a jar of pickles. She isolates herself in the dining car, asks the surly controller if there are no other free seats. Wasted effort. What promiscuity! And again, they are second class. You have to see what gives the third, with its overcrowded wagons. The two protagonists are suspicious of each other. She sticks to her camera, with which she recorded people, apartments, music.

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