Companies: what is CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility?


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CSR, for Corporate Social Responsibility, is very popular at the moment. The co-Founder of Naturopera, Kilian O’Neill, presents his baby cream. “It is obviously an organic product, without pesticides, without petrochemicals”, he explains. His company respects the criteria of CSR, namely a “healthy” ecosystem for the environment, consumers and employees. This explains why the cost of the products he sells is higher. “We made the choice with my partner to focus on made in France to the detriment of our margins “, explains Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny, co-founder of Naturopera.

CSR aims to be attractive to consumers, but also to employees. The company of Raphaël Bourguignon, Castalie, designs eco-friendly water fountainsresponsible. Every morning, he comes to work by electric bike, financed by his employer. Lhe company also uses a service provider who employs people with disabilities. The goal ? Attract young people who are sensitive to these issues. “All these values ​​are very dear to me […] for me it had a real coherence to come to work here “, says Carla Candotto, work-study at Castalie. However in France, CSR is not regulated. It is assessed according to labels, after more or less demanding checks … which opens the door to certain abuses. “We can imagine that some [entreprises] can sell a little more in terms of engagement than they actually do in practice “, explains Béatrice Parguel, researcher at the CNRS.

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