Companies: towards debt cancellation for the most troubled companies?


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Some government guaranteed loans could be turned into grants. Decisions will be made by department, on a case-by-case basis. The government’s challenge? Defend employment and creativity, without creating injustice between companies.

Boubakar Rajhi is in charge of Air Control / Olympique Peinture, an SME in the aeronautics sector in Frépillon (Val-d’Oise), which he created a dozen years ago. The business flourished, until its customers’ planes were grounded. Since March 2020, he has lost 80% of his activity, and contracted 150,000 euros in debt to pay his charges. A loan that he will soon have to repay, as his banker reminds him by email. He is considering asking for more time. “In the month of April, there are no orders, it is impossible to pay June 2021, comments the latter. And after, (…) if it continues like this all the time, that there is no work, I don’t think [que ce soit possible] even for June 2022. “

But part of the debts contracted with banks, suppliers or government services could be canceled. The government is planning a budget of 3 to 4 billion euros for the operation. It will still be necessary to identify the companies that really need it. Delicate, according to Eric Heyer, economist. “We are going to sort out the companies we call ‘zombie’ companies, companies which are in a bad situation even before the crisis and therefore we are not going to help them, companies which today have lost but which are falling behind. still wear well“, detailshe does.

Since the start of the crisis, “715,000 companies received more than 135 billion euros in EMPs (loan guaranteed by the State) “, indicates the journalist Viktor Frédéric, present on the set of 19/20, Thursday April 15. Among them, SMEs” but also large groups “such as Renault (5 billion euros) and Air France (4 billion euros). Only 12% of companies “expect to have paid off their debt this year“, adds the journalist.

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