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In several sectors, wages could increase in France. On the France 3 19/20 set on Monday, November 22, France Télévisions journalist Justine Weyl deciphers these forecasts.

Negotiations are currently taking place in 57 branches regarding a possible salary increase. Some have already made progress, such as ski lift operators. “They obtained an increase of 3.2% which will apply from December 1st.“, announces the journalist of France Televisions Justine Weyl.

Other sectors are concerned. “In catering, the employers are already proposing to increase salaries by more than 10%, even if some restaurateurs believe that they will not be able to follow. The same goes for road hauliers who earn on average the minimum wage, between 3.5% and 4.5% of increase proposed by the bosses“, adds the journalist. For the moment, nothing is decided because”unions hope to get more “.

Justine weyl emphasizes that “the recovery, it is there. Demand is high, companies need to recruit or keep their workforce“. Bosses would therefore be inclined to”concede larger increases“. According to a study, next year wages are expected to increase by an average of 2.36%. On the other hand, with inflation reaching 2.6% over one year,”prices should continue to rise next year: not sure that wage increases are synonymous with increased purchasing power “, concludes the journalist.


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