Companies: the puzzle of paid vacation

During the period of partial activity, employees continue to generate paid leave. Thibault Mazarguil, co-founder of Weevup, worries: For us, paid time off is clearly a ticking time bomb. We do not know when the activity will resume but, we hope, it will resume. That day, we will need all our staff and not a stock of paid vacation to sell, to ask and which will slow down our recovery“.

An employer can force an employee to take time off, provided they notify the employee one month in advance. Conversely, the manager can prohibit taking time off if the company’s activity requires it. What to do with the leave accumulated during the crisis? The employers demand more flexibility. We ask to be able to negotiate for, at the end of this long period, to spread the leave over several years.“, explains François Asselin, the confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, only a postponement over one year is possible.

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