Companies: the profits of the year 2021 redistributed to employees and shareholders

In 2021, a rain of profits fell on LVMH, BNP or even L’Oréal. Records follow one another for the major CAC40 groups: 137 billion euros in cumulative profits. At Stellantis, ex-PSA, profits exceeded 13 billion euros in 2021, three times more than in 2020. Wages will increase by 3.2%, with a profit-sharing bonus of 4,300 euros gross, in average. They share a little bit, it’s good, it’s nice“, says an employee.

On the union side, the CGT, a minority, considers the announcements insufficient, and is annoyed by a profit-sharing bonus “over the daisies“.”We can see, it is still the shareholders who will gorge themselves, comments Farid Borsali, CGT delegate of Stellantis Poissy. In total, Stellantis intends to pay 1.9 billion euros to its employees, against 3.3 billion to its shareholders.

At BNP, wages will be increased by 0.6%, while profits amount to 9.5 billion euros. TotalEnergies, after profits of 14 billion euros, will allocate an envelope of 3.5% for salaries and a bonus of 500 euros.

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